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News The Clark County Water Reclamation District was created in 1954. It services the unincorporated portions of Clark County within the Las Vegas Valley, as well as the communities of Blue Diamond, Indian Springs, Laughlin, Overton and Searchlight. The District collects and treats nearly 100 million gallons of wastewater each day utilizing more than 2,000 miles of pipeline and seven treatment facilities.

In 2009, the Clark County Water Reclamation District started a project to extend the wastewater collection system from Overton into Logandale. The first phase of the project included new sewer line in Moapa Valley Boulevard, from Lewis to the intersection of Lyman. The first phase was completed in the Spring of 2011.

News The original conceptual plan was to bring the Yamashita Extension west off Yamashita Street at Ron Avenue and north on Tami Street to Moapa Valley High School. The line would continue up the valley along the south and west sides of MVHS running in Paul Avenue and St. Joseph Streets respectively. This was a portion of the line that would eventually continue up the east side of the Muddy River all the way to Wells Road and Moapa Valley Boulevard. During discussion with the School District, staff discovered the location of the existing on-site sewer lines was on the east side of the school. This location, along with future development, dictated that the point of connection to the public sewer system for MVHS must be located in Yamashita Street, just south of Pirate Avenue. This necessitated a line on the east side of the high school. The design of the pipeline along the west side of the high school had to be completed as its hydraulics govern the slope requirements for the future pipeline. Staff chose to include the construction of the western line now, due to very favorable construction pricing and to avoid future traffic disruptions around the high school.

Work will begin the beginning of March, 2011 to bring the sewer line from the Yamashita Bridge, up Yamashita Street to north of Pirate Avenue. Another portion of the line will go west on Ron Avenue, north on Tami Street, west on Paul Avenue, and north on St. Joseph to Wittwer.

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For more information and traffic updates regarding specific projects, drivers can call the project hotline at 702-668-8668, or visit the District’s Web site at You can now follow us on Twitter at